Amanda Gagliano

Often referred to as the "switch-hitter" of the team, I possess a wide skill set that can be utilized in almost any situation. Although my studies primarily revolve around storyboarding, character design, and animation, I hold professional experience in areas including marketing and social media communication, writing, graphic design, project management, and more.

I am a diligent worker who meets deadlines, works well under pressure, and does not leave her post until her job is done (especially when that means spending late nights in the office). I always look forward to taking on responsibilities, as I wish to grow as a person and employee within your company. I am a team player who will do anything for her teammates, and will be the biggest cheerleader of the squad, guaranteed. I am truly passionate about the work that I do and am always on the hunt to learn new expertise from my peers and mentors, and to improve my craft.